Colby Covington rips apart ‘Chinese finger puppet’ LeBron James for calling out Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Brad Sullivan
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UFC fighter Colby Covington is attacking Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James on social media again in connection to the dispute between James and international soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Covington’s attacks on James began last September when Covington referred to him as a “spineless coward” in response to the social justice issues James was attempting to address.

James has ignored Covington’s comments, which have continued in the same vein, with Covington also offering a prediction of what would happen if the two were to meet in a fight.

Presumably, one of the chief reasons for Covington’s continued focus on James is that the fighter is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump.

James and Trump have clashed on social media, with each side delivering blistering criticism of the other. That included James gleefully celebrating Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election.

The reality of the situation is that James is known around the world for his basketball talent, and his name off the court is equally valuable when it comes to endorsements and the increasing focus on social issues.

In contrast, Covington likely has little name recognition within the United States outside of fans who support the UFC.

That steep difference is one of the many reasons why James is unlikely to respond to Covington’s latest criticism.

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