Colby Covington threatens LeBron James, claims he’d make him ‘eat the canvas’ if they fought

Jonathan Sherman
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The basketball and fighting worlds collided over the weekend when former NBA star Nate Robinson fought social media celebrity Jake Paul in the boxing ring.

Shortly after, MMA fighter Colby Covington took the fight as an opportunity to once again lash out at Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

This is just the latest attempt by Covington to get a rise out of the defending Finals MVP.

Just like the previous incidents, it is highly unlikely that James stoops to his level to respond to this absurd claim.

It’s not entirely clear what Covington’s goal is when it comes to his attacks of James.

Ultimately, it’s likely that he is hoping to increase his own fame by trying to get in a feud with the biggest sports star in the world. James’ lack of reacting or responding to his antics makes it unlikely that Covington will ever succeed in that goal.

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