UFC's Colby Covington doubles down on LeBron James slander while mentioning Delonte West - Lakers Daily

UFC’s Colby Covington doubles down on LeBron James slander while mentioning Delonte West

Colby Covington and LeBron James

UFC fighter Colby Covington is continuing to push his one-sided feud with Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James by making a reference to a notorious rumor involving James and a former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Delonte West.

Covington delivered the first shot by directly insulting James’ focus on social justice issues, calling the 17-year NBA veteran a “spineless coward.”

In continuing to attack James on Monday night, Covington cited a rumor that first developed in 2010, toward the end of James’ first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The purported claim was that West was involved in a relationship with James’ mother, which caused an alleged rift between the two players.

Over the past decade, the rumor has largely been forgotten due to the lack of credible evidence that any such relationship existed in the first place. In the specific cases of James and West, their lives have gone in vastly different directions.

James has been a part of three championship squads and led his teams to nine NBA Finals appearances, while West’s mental health concerns have led to issues with homelessness.

It’s not certain if James is even aware of Covington’s continued attempts to provoke him into a response or even if he cares about such opinions.

The reason for such an approach would be because James is once again trying to lead his team to a berth in the NBA Finals. The Lakers are halfway toward that goal, with Game 3 of their series against the Denver Nuggets set for Tuesday night.

Covington is likely to continue with his social media rants, given how much attention he’s already been given. However, his comments have thus far only been offered within his own echo chamber.