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Colby Covington rips apart ‘Chinese finger puppet’ LeBron James for calling out Zlatan Ibrahimovic

UFC fighter Colby Covington is attacking Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James

Brad Sullivan Brad Sullivan

Colby Covington threatens LeBron James, claims he’d make him ‘eat the canvas’ if they fought

The basketball and fighting worlds collided over the weekend when former NBA

Jonathan Sherman Jonathan Sherman

Colby Covington destroys LeBron James yet again, while also taking shot at NBA

Mixed martial arts fighter Colby Covington has gone after Los Angeles Lakers

Robert Marvi Robert Marvi

UFC’s Colby Covington doubles down on LeBron James slander while mentioning Delonte West

UFC fighter Colby Covington is continuing to push his one-sided feud with

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Kevin Durant and Austin Rivers Respond to UFC’s Colby Covington Calling Out LeBron James

UFC fighter Colby Covington made headlines over the weekend when he called

Jonathan Sherman Jonathan Sherman

Ice Cube’s Son Destroys UFC’s Colby Covington After ‘Spineless Coward’ LeBron James Diss

After UFC fighter Colby Covington offered a brutal assessment of Los Angeles

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