LeBron James waves goodbye to Donald Trump after Joe Biden wins presidential election

Ryan Ward
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The 2020 presidential election seems to have finally come to an end on Saturday with numerous networks saying that Joe Biden has become Donald Trump’s successor in the White House.

Immediately following the breaking news about the election results, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to wave goodbye to Trump.

James has been anti-Trump for quite some time now as he has continues to advocate for social justice in the United States.

Trump has gone after James a few times over the past few months with the most recent incident being a crowd chanting, “LeBron James sucks,” at one of his rallies ahead of Election Day. The president didn’t stop the chants and actually praised the crowd.

Now, James can feel a bit of vindication along with the many that have supported him, especially his peers in the NBA and the league itself.

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