Report: Dennis Schroder attracted ‘serious feelers’ from other teams but ‘badly wanted’ to return to Lakers - Lakers Daily Report: Dennis Schroder attracted ‘serious feelers’ from other teams but ‘badly wanted’ to return to Lakers - Lakers Daily

Report: Dennis Schroder attracted ‘serious feelers’ from other teams but ‘badly wanted’ to return to Lakers

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A new report indicates that Dennis Schroder’s avid interest in returning to the Los Angeles Lakers was enough for him to pass on serious inquiries from a number of other NBA teams.

NBA insider Marc Stein noted that Schroder played aggressive ball throughout the EuroBasket tournament, even though he had no firm deal in place for the coming year.

“Dennis Schröder has had his share of detractors over the years — me among them — but you have to admire the way he approached the offseason,” Stein wrote. “Schröder, who turned 29 on Thursday, showed up to play in the EuroBasket tournament with Germany despite holding no NBA contract for next season and played with no shortage of abandon in leading the hosts to a surprising semifinal berth. We reported the Lakers’ interest in Schröder on Aug. 23 and, as the tournament progressed, he began attracting serious feelers from other NBA clubs but badly wanted a return to the Lakers. Unresolved roster questions abound for the Lakers with [Russell] Westbrook still on it, but Schröder’s strong play ultimately sold them to go ahead with the signing now, giving the nine-year veteran an opportunity to rewrite some of the story from a first stint alongside LeBron [James] and Co. that led to one of the most humbling free-agent comedowns in league history. Who can forget Schröder bypassing a contract extension offer from the Lakers valued in excess of $80 million over four years and then settling on a one-year, $5.9 million deal with Boston? Schröder certainly didn’t judging by his Instagram post late Friday after Germany’s semifinal loss to Spain.”

Schroder’s one season in a Lakers uniform during the 2020-21 campaign saw him deliver numbers that were largely consistent with his past efforts for other teams. However, he chose to test free agency in the 2021 offseason, which turned out to be a disastrous financial decision.

A Humbling Experience

During Schroder’s time with the Lakers, he reportedly had an offer to re-sign with the team for $84 million over four years. Schroder later disputed that report to some degree, though another story indicated that he also rejected a two-year offer worth $33.4 million.

Regardless of the validity of either offer, Schroder ultimately signed a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics for $5.9 million. The stark contrast from the other apparent offers led to a torrent of ridicule toward Schroder that caused his wife to passionately defend his decision.

The Celtics then ended up trading Schroder to the Houston Rockets last season. Earlier this offseason, Schroder hinted on social media that a return to the Lakers might happen.

The Road Ahead

Schroder joins a crowded field of players in L.A.’s backcourt. However, he still has enough ability to make his mark in the year ahead.

During Schroder’s previous season with the Lakers, the team was rolling along until injuries struck both Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Their extended absences ultimately led to a downfall.

Schroder turned 29 this past Thursday and is set to begin his 10th NBA season. The contributions he’s being asked to make for the upcoming season don’t seem arduous, which lessens the pressure of living up to his new contract.

However, Schroder’s gutsy approach during his recent international play shows that he’s focused on erasing whatever doubts exist about his ability. That’s something that the Lakers can relate to after their struggles from last season.