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Dwight Howard welcomes DeAndre Jordan to Lakers with lofty message

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard welcomed newcomer DeAndre Jordan to the

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Report: DeAndre Jordan told those around him he didn’t come to Nets to be ‘Jarrett Allen’s backup’

After spending a brief stint with the Brooklyn Nets, veteran center DeAndre

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Report: DeAndre Jordan to sign with Lakers on incredible deal

The Los Angeles Lakers are adding yet another former All-Star, as they

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Report: DeAndre Jordan to Lakers heating up with latest update

The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly are a “serious contender” to sign veteran

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Rival executive throws shade at ‘AARP squad’ Lakers for being interested in DeAndre Jordan

An Eastern Conference executive took a major shot at the Los Angeles

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Report: Lakers are team to keep eye on if Nets and DeAndre Jordan reach contract buyout

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly potential suitors for big man DeAndre

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