Report: DeAndre Jordan told those around him he didn't come to Nets to be 'Jarrett Allen's backup' - Lakers Daily

Report: DeAndre Jordan told those around him he didn’t come to Nets to be ‘Jarrett Allen’s backup’

DeAndre Jordan Nets

After spending a brief stint with the Brooklyn Nets, veteran center DeAndre Jordan is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reportedly, Jordan was unhappy about not getting enough playing time while in Brooklyn.

“The biggest elephant in the room: Jordan allegedly told those around him that he didn’t come to Brooklyn to be Jarrett Allen’s backup,” wrote Anthony Puccio of “[Kenny] Atkinson would not bow down to Jordan, thus providing one of the first dominoes in his firing. As soon as Atkinson was ousted, DJ was back in the starting lineup.”

Not too long ago, Jordan was one of the better centers in the NBA. He was a key part of the “Lob City” Los Angeles Clippers thanks to his ability to run the floor, throw down dunks, grab rebounds and protect the rim.

His athleticism has declined, and he is now 33 years of age, but he may still have value to bring to the Purple and Gold.

It is unclear how much playing time he will get with the Lakers, but it appears it won’t be very substantial. The team brought back Dwight Howard, who was a key member of the 2020 championship team, and as of now, veteran Marc Gasol is still on the roster.

Perhaps the Lakers are hoping that Jordan will provide much of what Javale McGee gave them two seasons ago en route to an NBA title.