Magic Johnson urges Lakers fans to rally around Russell Westbrook and his family with earnest plea

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson recently urged fans of the team to show support for embattled guard Russell Westbrook and his family.

Westbrook has been the subject of intense criticism this season, which started with hopes that the Lakers would contend for their second title in three seasons.

Instead, the Lakers have floundered and are entering Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets with a 28-36 record. Instead of challenging for the top record in the Western Conference, they are currently facing the possibility of not even reaching the postseason.

Chemistry issues are one of the reasons for the Lakers’ struggles this season. The nine-time All-Star hasn’t seemed to have found his footing with the team just yet.

On Monday, Westbrook’s wife Nina unleashed a series of tweets directed toward his critics that referred to harassment and apparent death threats directed at her husband and family.

Following the Lakers’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night, Russell Westbrook echoed his wife’s words and indicated that his family no longer wants to attend games because of the harassment he receives.

Russell Westbrook had been the subject of trade talks leading up to last month’s trade deadline, but those talks failed to result in a deal. However, it seems like the Lakers will once again pursue a deal once the season ends.

Johnson’s stature within the Lakers organization is such that his impassioned plea may garner some results. He’s been connected to the organization for many years and maintains a strong bond with Jeanie Buss.

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