Report: Lakers and Russell Westbrook have ‘mutual interest’ in finding him a new home this offseason

Jonathan Sherman
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The Russell Westbrook experiment in Los Angeles may be well on its way to being over.

After an incredibly disappointing season thus far, the Los Angeles Lakers and Westbrook reportedly have “mutual interest” in parting ways this offseason.

“In any case, there is mutual interest in finding Westbrook a new home this summer, sources said,” Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report wrote.

As Lakers fans already know quite well, there were some attempts to deal Westbrook prior to the NBA trade deadline last month. The most realistic option seemed to be a deal with the Houston Rockets involving point guard John Wall.

However, talks ended without a deal being struck. This coming offseason seems to be a “greater opportunity” to move Westbrook.

“League observers have pointed to this offseason as a greater opportunity for the Lakers to shed Westbrook’s contract, when they will be eligible to move their 2029 first-round pick,” he wrote.

Westbrook’s massive contract may be more movable this offseason. If Westbrook picks up his gargantuan $47 million player option for the 2022-23 season, he will be on an expiring contract this coming offseason.

It’s a shame that Westbrook’s tenure with the Lakers has been such a disappointing one. Throughout his career, he has been an incredible force on the court. However, he often relied on his raw physical abilities to dominate games. Now that he is aging, it seems as though his game has taken a definite step back.

It would have been amazing to see Westbrook, a Southern California native, help lead the Lakers to a fantastic season. However, right now the Lakers are just 27-34 on the season and are now dealing with the very real risk of falling out of a play-in tournament spot.

It’s not all Westbrook’s fault, but there is no doubt that he is part of the problem.

There is still time for Westbrook and the Lakers to turn things around, but chances of that actually happening seem quite slim.

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