LeBron James’ hilarious response to being able to finally go back to White House

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James offered a hilarious response to the idea from Draymond Green that the Lakers will now be able to visit the White House to celebrate their recent NBA title.

The idea of a White House visit has become much more likely given the victory by President-elect Joe Biden over incumbent President Donald Trump.

During Trump’s four years in office, none of the NBA teams to win titles during his administration made what had become an annual visit by champions from countless sports.

James was part of the last NBA team to celebrate its title with a president, when he and the Cleveland Cavaliers were recognized by then-President Barack Obama. That visit in November 2016 came just two days after Trump was elected president.

Since that time, Trump has made an effort to antagonize NBA players, delivering criticism over their efforts at achieving social justice.

Green’s Golden State Warriors team declined to visit the White House in 2017, largely because of their disdain toward Trump. In an effort to save face, Trump then tried to claim that he had rescinded the offer to visit.

James has delivered plenty of biting criticism toward Trump, which has resulted in Trump lashing back by questioning James’ motives and intelligence.

Both James and Green won’t be able to celebrate Biden’s victory for too long, since the 2020-21 NBA season is scheduled to get underway on Dec. 22, the shortest offseason in NBA history.

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