President Donald Trump throws shade at ‘nasty’ LeBron James for aligning with Democrats

Brad Sullivan
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President Donald Trump appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday and offered a mixed message concerning Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, acknowledging his basketball skills while criticizing his approach to politics.

Trump’s social media references to James over the years have also been mixed, including two mentions of him being “a great guy” in 2013 and for his ability in the clutch in 2015.

However, since being elected president in 2016, Trump’s remarks about James have been in response to criticism from the NBA legend, with a 2018 tweet questioning James’ intelligence and offering praise for Michael Jordan.

James has been subjected to frequent criticism over the course of his 17-year career and has largely learned to either deal with it or use it as motivation on the court.

On the other hand, Trump has often shown a thin-skinned approach to any criticism, which is why his attitude toward James has changed so dramatically.

While Trump was more than happy to praise James when the superstar led the Heat to titles in both 2012 and 2013, it’s not likely that he’ll follow suit should the Lakers win one more game in the NBA Finals.

Not being acknowledged by Trump is something that won’t matter to James, who will enter rare territory if the Lakers capture this season’s league title. James will be one of only a few players who have been part of NBA title teams with three different franchises.

With Trump in the midst of a difficult re-election campaign, James could end up getting the last laugh if Trump loses that bid to remain in the White House next month.

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Brad is a freelance writer for, who can clearly recall watching Lakers games in 1972 as they captured the first of their 11 Los Angeles-based titles. The franchise's evolution into a beloved and iconic franchise among its fan base since that memorable year allows for a wider perspective to be a part of his writing about the team's current fortunes.