Lakers superstar LeBron James emphasizes notion of ‘2 Amerikkkas we live in’

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers veteran LeBron James endorsed the opinion of MSNBC host Joy Reid, who indicated during her Wednesday night program that there are two Americas currently in existence.

Joy Reid LeBron James

Reid’s comments came in the wake of Wednesday’s shocking mayhem caused by supporters of President Donald Trump, with Trump’s rabid followers attempting to reverse the pending certification of Joe Biden as the next president.

James has become a vocal advocate for social justice reform and has previously offered angry comments about the shooting of African-Americans by members of law enforcement.

Trump has also been the source of James’ anger at the current state of affairs, with both men criticizing each other on social media.

While James is currently busy trying to bring another championship to the Lakers, it seems clear that he won’t be taking his eyes off any off-court issues that he feels are important.

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