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Video: Donald Trump Weighs in on Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James Debate

Donald Trump and LeBron James

During a radio interview on Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump said that he believes that former Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is better than Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James.

Trump answered questions from host Clay Travis for roughly 20 minutes and didn’t hesitate to make his selection when asked (at the 21:55 mark) to choose between Jordan and James.

“Michael Jordan,” Trump told host Clay Travis. “I’ve seen them both. Michael Jordan — plus he wasn’t political, so people like him better.”

Trump and James have been feuding for years, with James leveling severe criticism at Trump on a number of different topics.

Such remarks by James have usually been followed by angry tweets from Trump, with some questioning the intelligence of the 17-year veteran.

Of course, Trump has few supporters in the NBA as a whole, with the league embracing the Black Lives Matter movement. That stance and decision to kneel in protest during the national anthem have especially outraged Trump.

Back in 2013, Trump offered a decidedly different opinion of James, showering the NBA star with praise by twice stating that he was “a great guy.”

At present, James is likely unconcerned about any criticism from anyone, even from someone with the stature of Trump. James and the Lakers are coming off a thrilling Monday night win over the Denver Nuggets as they prepare for what they hope will be a deep playoff run.

Before the postseason gets underway, the Lakers will close out the regular season with a game on Thursday afternoon against the Sacramento Kings.