J.J. Redick Uses LeBron James to Ruthlessly Clown Donald Trump for Rally Attendance

Orel Dizon
2 Min Read

Known as one of the most lethal sharpshooters on the basketball court, J.J. Redick took a hilarious shot at President Donald Trump on Twitter.

On Saturday, Trump held a comeback rally in Tulsa, Okla. He tweeted pictures that showed that the event was overflowing with supporters. However, several other photographs surfaced that revealed thousands of empty seats during the event.

Redick pointed this out and further said that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was able to draw in bigger attendances while he was still a high school prodigy.

James himself has been a prominent voice in the social upheaval that has currently engulfed the United States.

His willingness to engage in controversial issues, most recently the killing of George Floyd and the “structurally racist” voting system, has led to widespread praise.

However, this has also led to James being in the crosshairs of several Trump followers. Just a few weeks ago, he was on the receiving end of hypocritical comments made by a Fox News anchor. James responded emphatically via social media.

It is clear that James will not stop being actively involved in the fight for social justice, even as he chases his fourth NBA championship this season.

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