Enes Kanter Freedom says ‘many of the Black athletes’ are telling him to call out LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Jason Simpson
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Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter Freedom and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James have made a lot of waves recently.

Freedom has made it clear what he thinks of James as it pertains to the 17-time All-Star’s ties to China through Nike. James has stated that he doesn’t believe Freedom is worth his “energy.”

In a recent development, Freedom revealed that “many of the Black athletes in the league” are telling him to call out the “hypocrisies” of James and Michael Jordan.

“Whenever I talk about it was never about Black or white athletes, or red or purple athletes,” Freedom said. “It was never about a color. I even had a conversation with many of my teammates, and a thing people don’t understand is that many of the Black athletes in the league are telling me to call out these people and [those] people. Not many people know that. They are the ones telling me to call out the hypocrisies of LeBron James, the hypocrisies of Michael Jordan, but they are the ones actually sending me talking points about you can’t say this, you can’t say that.”

Freedom and James seemingly haven’t had an in-person conversation this season amid Freedom’s issues with the Lakers star. The two players’ teams have battled multiple times, but it seems that no notable chats have occurred between them.

James’ Lakers are 14-13 on the season and are looking to finally turn things around. Freedom’s Celtics, meanwhile, have lost three straight games and are 13-14 so far.

Both squads are hoping to challenge for this season’s NBA title.

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Jason is excited about the LeBron James era of Lakers basketball and hopes that the end result will be multiple championships.