Enes Kanter blasts LeBron James on live television for his opinion on COVID-19 vaccine

Orel Dizon
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been getting flak for his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Recently, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter called out James for his “ridiculous” opinion regarding vaccination against the infectious disease.

“When I heard it, I was very disappointed, and it’s ridiculous,” Kanter answered when he was asked about James’ decision to not call on other players to get vaccinated. “Obviously, LeBron James, he’s one of the faces of the league, and he should be the first one to go out there and say, ‘Listen, everyone. I got the vaccine, and I’m encouraging everyone, my community, everyone, basketball fans, non-basketball fans and sports fans are just going out there and get this vaccine, so we can save other lives.’ When I heard that, I just couldn’t believe it. But I hope he can educate himself about this vaccination and inspire and encourage other people around him.”

Last week, James revealed that after careful consideration, he and his family had been vaccinated. However, he expressed that he did not want to be a “public advocate” for the vaccine.

The topic of the COVID-19 vaccination has been a contentious one because there are still several high-profile players who have been vocal against it. The league is hoping that more players will get the vaccine so the season can proceed as safely as possible.

Los Angeles seems like it won’t be facing any major issue regarding the matter, as general manager Rob Pelinka has stated that he expects every player on the roster to be fully vaccinated by the start of the season.

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