Zlatan Ibrahimovic doubles down on LeBron James criticism: ‘Athletes should be athletes and politicians should do politics’

Jonathan Sherman
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The drama between Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and international soccer icon Zlatan Ibrahimovic took another turn on Tuesday.

The two have been trading barbs regarding James’ involvement in social and political issues in recent days. Ibrahimovic issued another ill-advised comment while speaking with reporters regarding James’ approach to social action.

“Athletes unite the world, politics divide it,” Ibrahimovic told reporters Tuesday. “Our role is to unite the world by doing what we do best. Athletes should be athletes and politicians should do politics.”

Interestingly, one of the primary points James made when he replied to Ibrahimovic was that the soccer star himself has spoken on sociopolitical issues in the past.

Earlier in his career, Ibrahimovic referenced the persecution he endured due to his last name while growing up in his native Sweden. James made a point to acknowledge that just a few days ago.

It seems these two star athletes have reached an impasse when it comes to their opinions on social justice. Undoubtedly, nothing will sway James from continuing to fight for what he believes in off the court.

Lakers fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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