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LeBron James breaks his silence on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s derogatory comments towards him

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Earlier this week, soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that people with “status” such as Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James should not speak up about social or political issues.

Now, the four-time NBA champ has given a succinct response to such criticism.

In this day and age, many athletes and celebrities have spoken out on hot-button issues, particularly those that have to do with racial and social justice.

Some from the other side of the political spectrum have opined that non-politicians should stay silent on such issues, perhaps because they don’t agree with the opinions of people such as James.

The four-time MVP hasn’t just been outspoken, but he has also taken action. He founded the More Than a Vote initiative to increase voter turnout among people of color in last November’s presidential election.

In addition, he opened a school in his native Akron, Ohio that is aimed at providing opportunities for at-risk children.

One thing is sure about James: He will continue to speak up on the behalf of oppressed demographic groups, and at the very least, one cannot deny he has a big heart.