Video: Kid goes berserk after he takes selfie with LeBron James during Lakers-Pistons Summer League game

Brad Sullivan
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The appearance of Los Angeles Lakers teammates LeBron James and Russell Westbrook at an NBA Summer League contest caused the excited crowd to break out in cheers.

A lucky fan also got to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment with James as he was departing the arena.

Westbrook was recently acquired by the Lakers from the Washington Wizards, with James offering a strong endorsement of the deal.

James has made appearances at such offseason clashes over the course of his career. However, with Lakers fans now excited about Westbrook’s addition helping the team form a new superteam, it’s clear that seeing two of the Lakers’ stars in person was cause for excitement.

Of course, the addition of Westbrook has also led to some detractors claiming that his arrival on the Lakers will end in failure.

There’s presently no way to assess exactly how the Lakers will do with their new lineup, though the roar of the crowd likely means the enthusiasm will continue to build.

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