Skip Bayless destroys Lakers backcourt of ‘Westbrick and LeBrick’: ‘LeBron’s Lakers just got worse’

Brad Sullivan
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After the Los Angeles Lakers completed their blockbuster trade for Russell Westbrook on Thursday, sports commentator Skip Bayless stated that Westbrook’s addition to the Lakers would flop, while also taking more verbal shots at LeBron James.

Bayless’ mention of Westbrook playing with Kevin Durant references the two players’ time as teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

James offered an enthusiastic endorsement of the deal. Those comments no doubt struck a nerve with Bayless, who’s built his brand with frequent criticisms of the veteran superstar.

That history of one-sided complaints is why James is likely to be apathetic toward the remarks, though he may use them as a motivational tool during the 2021-22 season.

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Brad is a freelance writer for, who can clearly recall watching Lakers games in 1972 as they captured the first of their 11 Los Angeles-based titles. The franchise's evolution into a beloved and iconic franchise among its fan base since that memorable year allows for a wider perspective to be a part of his writing about the team's current fortunes.