Report: Lakers were willing to deal 2027 and 2029 1st-rounders for Kyrie Irving or Donovan Mitchell

Jonathan Sherman
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Earlier this offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers appeared determined to try to land a star guard to pair with Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Though the team ultimately came up short, stars like Kyrie Irving and Donovan Mitchell were reportedly considered. In fact, the Lakers reportedly showed a willingness to part ways with both their 2027 first-round pick and 2029 first-round pick if it meant getting a chance to land either Irving or Mitchell.

“Listen, had the Lakers been able to acquire Kyrie Irving or the Lakers been able to acquire Donovan Mitchell, both those players, the Lakers were willing and able to move both those picks,” reported Dave McMenamin¬†on Brian Windhorst’s podcast.

At this point, it is common knowledge that the Lakers were trying to find a way to pry Irving away from the Brooklyn Nets. The likelihood of a trade was never totally clear, but after Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Nets, anything seemed possible.

There is definitely a possibility that the Lakers try to find a way to land other talented players around the league by using those two picks. However, the Lakers may also simply try to ride out the season with their current roster and head into the 2023 offseason with a lot of cap space.

If the Lakers do end up pursuing that route, fans can expect for the Irving rumors to pick up again in a big way. The Lakers will have Westsbrook’s massive deal coming off the books, and Irving will be a free agent next summer. If the two sides still have mutual interest, a deal seems very possible.

As for Mitchell, he’s obviously no longer an option after the Cleveland Cavaliers landed him late in the summer. They snagged the three-time All-Star after sending away a combination of future first-round picks, pick swaps and young and talented players.

While the Lakers’ two first-round picks are valuable assets, it is likely that any offer the team could have come up with would not have bested what the Cavs ultimately threw down.

So, where do the Lakers go from here? It seems as though the success of the upcoming season hinges on whether or not Davis and James can stay healthy and if Russell Westbrook can find a way to mesh with his teammates on the court.

In those ways, this upcoming season feels a lot like last season at the moment. That isn’t all that encouraging for Lakers fans.

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