LeBron James destroys Donald Trump’s presidency: ‘We’ve literally just s–t away 4 years’

Brad Sullivan
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In the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James offered a brutal assessment of the four years that Trump was in office.

Trump will officially leave office on Jan. 20, with Joe Biden being inaugurated on that date. James and many other Trump detractors are no doubt counting down the time until that departure takes place.

At one time during James’ career, Trump offered praise for his play on the court, though that attitude changed once he announced that he was running for president and was then elected in 2016.

Since that time, both James and Trump have exchanged insults on social media, with Trump questioning James’ intelligence and James accusing Trump of racism.

Trump has also taken aim at the NBA’s increased focus on social justice issues, something that James has embraced in recent years.

James was an avid supporter of Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, who left office with an economy that was growing. While Trump was able to continue that growth for the next few years, the coronavirus pandemic helped stifle the American economy and has left more than 350,000 Americans dead.

Whether or not Trump responds to James’ assessment is uncertain, but it’s clear that the Lakers star is eager to push the Trump presidency aside and look to the future.

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