LeBron James' MVP odds take another big dip before start of 2020-21 NBA season - Lakers Daily

LeBron James’ MVP odds take another big dip before start of 2020-21 NBA season

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Los Angeles Lakers veteran LeBron James is likely to be upset after FanDuel Sportsbook offered its odds on NBA players’ chances to win the MVP award for the upcoming season.

FanDuel placed James a distant seventh on its list.

Back in October, James was listed as fourth in MVP betting odds.

James was angry back in September after he finished second to reigning MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo, and he made no effort to hide his displeasure.

The placement of the future Hall of Famer in the seventh spot of this latest prediction is likely to increase the aggravation he was already feeling regarding the issue.

All six of the players above James are younger than the 35-year-old James, who will turn 36 on Dec. 30.

Part of James’ anger at voters last season stemmed from the fact that some of his critics were claiming that he was on the downside of his legendary career when the 2019-20 campaign began.

That perception was exposed as drastically inaccurate, as the Lakers not only reached the postseason for the first time in seven years but also won the NBA title for the first time in a decade. James led the way and won Finals MVP for his efforts.

James has made a habit using snubs such as this as a way to drive him to be even greater. Given what he’s already accomplished already, that might be difficult but is something that he can accomplish if he sets his mind to it.