Report: Source close to LeBron James reveals superstar wouldn’t be on board with being traded to Nets for Kevin Durant

Jonathan Sherman
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Ever since Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant requested a trade from the team, a number of different outcomes have been discussed endlessly by fans and experts alike.

One of the most dramatic possible outcomes that has been discussed by some fans is the idea that the Los Angeles Lakers would consider trading LeBron James for Durant. James and Durant are two of the most talented players of this era, and a deal involving both players would be the blockbuster trade to end all blockbusters.

In a not-so-shocking report, Chris Broussard revealed that James would not be a fan of such a move.

As Lakers fans know very well, the main conversation in L.A. regarding a possible trade this offseason has actually had to do with Kyrie Irving, Durant’s teammate in Brooklyn. There have been numerous rumors linking the Lakers to Irving, and it seems a trade would already be done if the Lakers were willing to part ways with multiple first-round picks.

Irving coming to L.A. in exchange for Russell Westbrook and multiple future draft picks seems far more likely than Durant coming to L.A. in exchange for James.

What is very clear is that until the Durant situation in Brooklyn is settled, sports pundits are going to spend a lot of time on the air discussing even the most far-fetched possibilities.

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