LeBron James nearly brought to tears on Saturday after what his mom told him

Mike Battaglino
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LeBron James said he was nearly brought to tears by a comment his mother made while they were watching his son Bronny play on television.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar was enjoying a day off from NBA action while the 19-year-old was playing for the University of Southern California against Arizona State University.

The younger James’ college career got off to a delayed start after he suffered cardiac arrest during the summer. The freshman made his collegiate debut last month and was playing his 11th game for the Trojans.

With the elder James continuing to be one of the best players in the NBA at 39 years old and in his 21st season, the idea of him playing in the league at the same time as his son is moving closer to becoming a reality.

With that in mind, speculation is continuing regarding the younger James’ NBA potential and where he may wind up if he decides to enter the 2024 NBA Draft.

He reportedly is on multiple draft boards around the league, and an NBA scout said he believes if the Lakers have a chance to draft the younger James they will do so. When discussing the NBA prospects of the younger James, Gilbert Arenas compared him to Jrue Holiday, an All-Star and NBA champion.

The elder James does have a player option in his contract for next season, so he could dictate where he might play next season and beyond if he wants to be teammates with his son. However, one former NBA executive said teams will not target the younger James just to try to lure the superstar.

The Lakers will be back in action on Sunday night with a home game against the Portland Trail Blazers. They have a record of 21-22 and are in 10th place in the Western Conference entering NBA play on Saturday.

Los Angeles is coming off a discouraging 130-112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday when it was outscored by 24 points in the second half.

Hopefully, the elder James was able to regroup and gain some inspiration from watching his son compete while also hearing some heartfelt words from his mother.

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