Kyle Rittenhouse’s spokesperson slams LeBron James for fake crying claim, tells him to focus on Lakers

Jason Simpson
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The Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is currently ongoing in the case surrounding the shooting that took place in Kenosha, Wis. last August. Rittenhouse killed two men and wounded another.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse seemingly had a breakdown while on the witness stand. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wasn’t buying it, though. He took to Twitter and said that Rittenhouse was faking it.

During an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” Rittenhouse’s spokesperson, Dave Hancock, sent a message to James in response to his tweet.

“It absolutely was not [fake crying],” Hancock said. “To LeBron, I would just say he should be paying more attention to the Lakers.”

Hancock went on to say that James and Rittenhouse should discuss the matter, which seems exceedingly unlikely.

“But, if he would like to have a sit down at some point in time, I’m sure him and Kyle can talk about how we can change and fix the system that allows prosecutors to do what they’re doing to Kyle right now,” he said.

James often uses his platform to speak about political and social issues. At the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, he was one of the NBA’s biggest voices.

Currently, James is sidelined from NBA action due to an abdominal strain. The hope is that the 17-time All-Star will be able to return to action in the near future.

The Lakers have been finding ways to win without James lately, but it hasn’t exactly been pretty. Once he returns, L.A. will hope to get into a groove for the remainder of the season.

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Jason is excited about the LeBron James era of Lakers basketball and hopes that the end result will be multiple championships.