Kendrick Perkins says the Lakers should break up their Big 3 and trade Russell Westbrook

Jason Simpson
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Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins has been very outspoken about the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles this season.

On Friday, he made his latest bold statement about the squad. He thinks L.A. should break up its Big 3 by trading Russell Westbrook.

“The person that they probably could move, or should move, is Russell Westbrook,” Perkins said. “I don’t know if it’s gonna happen because of his contract, but here’s the thing about the Lakers, right? They’re full of excuses. … When you get beat by 28 by the Spurs, that’s a problem. That don’t have nothing to do with chemistry.”

Westbrook’s fit with the Lakers has been a concern since the day L.A. acquired him. Many fans feel that the members of the team’s Big 3 aren’t capable of playing effectively alongside each other on a consistent basis.

Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have tried to prove that notion wrong, but the results haven’t been there so far. With Davis now on the shelf, the trio isn’t going to get a chance to silence the naysayers for a while.

The Lakers have lost four straight games, and their overall record has slipped below .500 again. The team is 16-17 on the season.

Fortunately for L.A., the Western Conference is pretty underwhelming this year. The conference does feature a few teams with legit title chances, but aside from those squads, the West isn’t very impressive. In fact, 10 of the conference’s 15 teams have losing records.

The hope is that the Lakers will be eventually able to separate themselves from the group of teams with losing records and get back into the title conversation.

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