Chandler Parsons rips Karl-Anthony Towns for his ‘wack’ clowning of Russell Westbrook

Brad Sullivan
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Former NBA player Chandler Parsons recently criticized Karl-Anthony Towns for his reaction to an airball by Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook on Wednesday night.

Towns and his Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Lakers easily in a game that featured plenty of trash-talking. Towns’ sarcastic reaction to Westbrook’s shot was just one instance of the back-and-forth behavior between the two teams.

Parsons, who last played with the Atlanta Hawks during the 2019-20 season, spent nine seasons in the NBA and surely put up an airball or two during the course of his basketball career.

The Lakers-Timberwolves contest was an amusing one to watch. Timberwolves veteran Patrick Beverly got in on the trash-taking action by directing a shot at the Lakers.

After the game, Westbrook noted that he was unfazed by all of the drama.

The controversy is minor compared to the chaos that’s been connected to Westbrook and the Lakers all season long. Acquired by the Lakers during the offseason, he was expected to be a key facet of the team’s efforts to win another championship.

Instead, the team has been plagued by chemistry issues with Westbrook as well as injuries to key players. Things haven’t gone well, and Wednesday night’s loss has the Lakers’ record at 29-40. It’s uncertain if they’ll even reach the postseason.

By the time the Lakers take on the Toronto Raptors on Friday night, the reaction of Towns is likely going to be a distant memory for Westbrook.

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