Angered Kyle Kuzma Goes After Fox News Anchor for Falsifying Protests

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma took issue on social media with Fox News anchor Jesse Watters after his implied assessment of recent protests all being of a violent nature.

Kuzma’s tweet references the specter of past instances of racism as well as a recent horrific incident.

In contrast, Watters’ sarcastic remarks concerning the protests used footage that showed a highly distorted image of protesters who confronted law enforcement.

In addition, Watters offered political criticism directed at Democrats for their opposition to a Republican bill regarding police brutality.

Since the coronavirus pandemic sidelined NBA players, Kuzma has offered strong commentary on the continuing problems related to social justice.

Earlier this month, Kuzma pointed out the contrast in the amount of training needed to join a police force compared to becoming a barber. Kuzma also offered criticism directed at President Donald Trump and others for their actions in the wake of the protests.

In reality, Watters’ history suggests that his remarks are predictable and the level of journalism employed by him questionable, at best.

The fact that Fox News uses Watters as the host for not only his hour-long weekend program, but also their weekday show “The Five” makes it clear that they are comfortable with such rhetoric as long as his ratings don’t subside.

While Kuzma and his Lakers teammates are set to resume their 2019-20 season next month, it seems clear that Kuzma will be keeping an eye on what he feels are inaccurate depictions of something he believes in.

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