Kyle Kuzma Invested in Weight Room, Has Kept His Fitness at ‘Peak’ During Quarantine

Orel Dizon
2 Min Read

The NBA season is resuming in a little less than two months.

Upon hearing the news, Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma expressed excitement for the return of basketball. Apparently, he has also kept himself physically ready during the hiatus.

Kuzma appeared on the latest episode of Carmelo Anthony’s YouTube show “What’s in Your Glass,” where he shared his recent investment that has helped him remain in shape.

“For me, I’m lucky,” Kuzma answered when asked how he has managed while gyms are closed. “I invested in a weight room in my house. So I’ve been able to keep my fitness level at a certain peak. Then from a gym-access standpoint, it’s tough to maneuver within the quarantine. With this virus, it’s been kind of iffy. But I’ve been able to do what I do and stay kind of active.”

Fans will be thrilled to hear that Kuzma is all set to play at anytime.

The third-year player will no doubt play a huge role in the Lakers’ title run when the season returns on July 31.

Even though Kuzma is averaging a career low in points this season, his 12.5 points per game ranks third on the team behind superstars Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

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Orel is excited about the prospect of “Showtime Lakers” making a comeback, thanks to the presence of the King and the arrival of the Brow.