Donald Trump asks LeBron James if he’s had thoughts of ‘going woman,’ says he’d want him on his basketball team

Brad Sullivan
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During a political rally on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump continued what’s been a one-sided feud with LeBron James.

Trump was in Nebraska to help support a Republican gubernatorial candidate and began speaking about transgender athletes. After envisioning himself as a basketball coach, Trump then said that he would want five men playing for him and indicated that he would want James on his team.

It was at that point that Trump made an attempt to ridicule James.

Last July, Trump offered virtually the same comment about James during another rally in Arizona.

Trump’s history with James has changed drastically over the past decade, with the former president originally praising James after he won an NBA title with the Miami Heat.

However, once James began attacking Trump and offering support to the latter’s Democratic opponents in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, Trump hasn’t stopped trying to insult him.

James has largely ignored the attacks by Trump, choosing to focus on social justice issues that he feels are important.

While the comment concerning James will get attention, Trump may also get further attention for his support of the Nebraska gubernatorial candidate. That’s because that candidate, Charles Herbster, has been accused by eight women of inappropriately touching or kissing them.

Trump’s support of Herbster isn’t the first time that he’s offered his support to a controversial political candidate. That history offers James and other Trump critics plenty of ammunition to attack the former president’s judgment.

It’s unlikely that James will even bother to acknowledge Trump’s comments, given the absurdity of his statement. For now, James is more focused on trying to wipe away the bitter memory of the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing 2021-22 season.

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