Donald Trump strangely speculates how LeBron James would perform as trans athlete in women’s sports

Brad Sullivan
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Former President Donald Trump continued his one-sided feud with LeBron James by bizarrely questioning how James would perform if he had a sex change.

Trump spoke before a rally of his supporters in Arizona and continued to falsely claim that he had won last November’s presidential election.

In the midst of his extended string of election falsehoods, Trump somehow pivoted to the odd idea of choosing only transgender women for a potential female sports team and offered his pointless jab at James.

“I’ll be honest,” Trump said. “We all like to win. If I were a coach, I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be talking to too many women, as we know women. I’d be getting some of these people that, they’re women. Somebody said that if LeBron James ever decided to get the operation, how would he be? How would he be on the court? By the way, LeBron James? You can have him. Did you see the basketball ratings, which were terrible, but they went up after his team was defeated.”

Within the past decade, Trump has drastically changed his opinion toward the Lakers superstar, first hailing him as a winner when he led the Miami Heat to an NBA championship.

However, after James began to direct blunt criticism toward him, Trump has lashed out and continued to attack James at every opportunity.

Since Trump lost the 2020 election, James hasn’t spent much time concerning himself with what Trump has had to say. It’s likely that in this case, he’ll either ignore Trump’s latest comments or get a chuckle out of the pathetic nature of the remarks.

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