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Patrick Beverley says Lakers have a ‘different respect’ over Clippers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley appears to be enjoying the beginning

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Shaquille O’Neal says Patrick Beverley shoving Chris Paul in the back during the WCF wasn’t a cheap shot

Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t believe that Patrick Beverley’s shove

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Patrick Beverley appears thankful that Lakers have early-season matchup with Clippers amid links to team

Though Patrick Beverley is no longer playing basketball in Los Angeles, he

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LaVar Ball says Zach LaVine is done with Bulls, forecasts he’ll land with Lakers

In the opinion of LaVar Ball, Zach LaVine apparently no longer wants

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Patrick Beverley claims the Minnesota Timberwolves ‘ended basketball’ in Los Angeles

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley recently made a bold claim that the

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Clipper Darrell destroys ‘too old’ LeBron James for vowing to never miss playoffs again

Los Angeles Clippers superfan Clipper Darrell took a major shot at Los

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