Shaquille O’Neal annihilates ‘little teenage kid’ Rudy Gobert for complaining about Timberwolves fans booing team

David Akerman
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Rudy Gobert and the Minnesota Timberwolves have been pretty disappointing so far this season. They currently sit in ninth place in the Western Conference with an 11-11 record. Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal recently offered some tough words to star big man.

It began after some Wolves fans expressed displeasure by booing the team. Gobert responded to those fans, saying that they shouldn’t boo the team they support.

“I just don’t appreciate people that come in to boo your team,” he said recently. “When you’re a fan, you gotta support your team in the tough or the good moments. There’s no team in NBA history that only had good moments, so if you’re not going to support us in the tough moments, just stay home. I think if you’re going to embrace us in the tough moments, then come and then we’re going to love the support.”

While it makes sense that Gobert was a bit offended by Wolves fans booing the team, O’Neal recently went at the French big man for complaining.

“Instead of grabbing your little phone like a little teenage kid, give the people something to cheer about Mr. Gobert,” said O’Neal during an episode of his podcast. “… Shut up and just play. Get 25 rebounds. Yeah, get nine blocks. Stop letting people dunk on you.”

It’s no surprise that O’Neal is against Gobert in this situation. After all, the two went back and forth in May trading barbs on social media. After O’Neal said that Gobert wouldn’t be able to guard him, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner said he would “lock his a– up.”

To the surprise of few, the four-time champion responded strongly.

“I wonder what French barbecue chicken tastes like,” O’Neal replied. “… Like I said, I’m backing his little skinny a– down. I’m throwing a bow, and I’m dunking.”

The Hall of Famer then said that he wanted Gobert to use his words “strictly for motivation.” The two haven’t traded shots since then, but O’Neal’s recent comments might entice the three-time All-Star to respond.

Gobert is likely more focused on helping the Timberwolves get out of the current hole that they’re in. After riding a five-game winning streak to get to 10-8, Minnesota has lost three of its last four games to fall back to .500.

Minnesota made the playoffs last season, and expectations started out high this season after the blockbuster offseason trade for Gobert. The results have largely been lackluster thus far, but there’s still lots of time to turn things around.

Anything less than another playoff appearance would surely be disappointing.

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