Report: Phil Jackson has been in ‘frequent’ contact with Jeanie Buss about the Lakers’ issues this season

Brad Sullivan
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Former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has reportedly been offering advice to Jeanie Buss throughout the course of the 2021-22 NBA season.

Sam Amick and Bill Oram of The Athletic offered some insight into the role that Jackson has played this season.

“Sources say Jackson, the Lakers legend and ex-fiancé of Buss, whose presence at Saturday’s win against Golden State was highlighted by the team’s Twitter account, has been in frequent contact with Buss about team matters all season long,” Amick and Oram wrote. “The complicated and often uncomfortable dynamics surrounding the [Russell] Westbrook situation, in particular, are known to have drawn his interest. As unofficial consultants go, they don’t get much more experienced or credible than Jackson.”

“Truth be told, Buss’ desire to hear Jackson’s point of view on this team should surprise no one. Especially because of his close ties with [Kurt] Rambis, who — like [Rob] Pelinka with [Kobe] Bryant — has the kind of close connection with Jackson that has long been considered a factor when it comes to his own stature.”

During the 76-year-old Jackson’s legendary time with the Lakers, he led the team to five NBA titles. Along the way, he was able to handle controversies and conflicts related to the Lakers.

Jackson’s iconic run with the Lakers came after he led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles during the 1990s. Much like his Lakers tenure, he was forced to deal with an intense spotlight with the Bulls that was largely focused on NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The 2021-22 Lakers have been plagued by key injuries and disappointment regarding Westbrook’s on-court struggles. Westbrook’s struggles led to some trade considerations involving the veteran guard that came up short prior to last month’s trade deadline.

Jackson’s long history as both a player and coach makes him a very valuable asset. Buss surely appreciates his guidance. Without a doubt, Jackson and Buss would love to see the Lakers turn things around this season and make a title run.

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