Report: Lakers looking at Dennis Schroder as deadline approaches

Jonathan Sherman
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Something has to give for the Los Angeles Lakers, and after the team lost an embarrassing game to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, it looks like L.A. is trying to make some moves prior to the trade deadline.

A lot of names have been linked to the Lakers lately, but one name in particular is quite interesting. That name is Dennis Schroder.

“Right now, the deals the Lakers are really looking at are around the fringes,” said NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski. “Players like Alec Burks in New York. Dennis Schroder in Boston. Any number of role players, fringe starters that they might be able to cobble together the assets to get.”

Of course, Schroder spent the 2020-21 NBA season with the Lakers before a messy offseason led to him signing a deal with the Boston Celtics. Now, it appears as though L.A.’s front office is once again open to adding Schroder to the roster.

So far this season, Schroder is averaging 14.4 points, 3.3 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game. He’s played in 49 total games for the Celtics and has started 25 of those games. If he were to land with L.A. again, it’s likely that he would be able to contribute well to a Lakers team that will take anything that it can get.

The Lakers’ roster has been a nightmare so far this season. The team lost many key players after the 2020-21 season ended. Meanwhile, the Lakers’ big catch of the offseason, Russell Westbrook, has been disappointing and is starting to become something of a distraction.

Times are tough right now in L.A. It would be interesting to see how Schroder would respond to being sent back to his former team after a somewhat messy split.

Only time will tell if such a move gets done before the deadline comes and goes.

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