Report: Lakers discussed trading Kyle Kuzma for Spencer Dinwiddie at trade deadline

Jason Simpson
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According to a recent report, the Los Angeles Lakers discussed the idea of trading Kyle Kuzma in a deal that would have brought Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie to the Lakers.

“Reportedly, the Nets were engaged in talks at the deadline with the [Golden State] Warriors that would have sent the point guard to Golden State for Kelly Oubre and to Los Angeles and the Lakers for Kyle Kuzma,” wrote Net Income of NetsDaily.

In retrospect, the deal would have likely been a win for the Lakers, as Kuzma performed at a very low level in the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

Having said that, Dinwiddie is expected to hit free agency this offseason. Had the deal gone through, the Lakers could have ended up losing Kuzma for merely a rental player in Dinwiddie.

However, it’s also possible that Dinwiddie would have opted to re-sign with the Lakers if he was already in L.A.

If recent speculation is any indication, the Lakers are likely to continue exploring trades for Kuzma this offseason.

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