Report: Lakers coaching staff made a ‘push’ for Russell Westbrook to be traded before the deadline

Brad Sullivan
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A new report indicates that the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff pushed for Russell Westbrook to be dealt before last month’s trade deadline.

Sam Amick and Bill Oram of The Athletic offered some insight into the matter.

“Sources say the coaching staff made an unsuccessful push for Westbrook to be traded before the Feb. 10 deadline, when the Lakers passed on Houston’s John Wall, in part, because of the draft considerations that it would have required to make the deal,” Amick and Oram wrote. “There were also significant concerns about the fact that Wall hadn’t played all season and, thus, didn’t instill confidence in his ability to help the Lakers turn their season around.”

Westbrook was acquired prior to the 2021-22 season and was seen as a major piece of the Lakers’ bid to win their second title in three seasons. However, issues with Westbrook’s fit in the Lakers’ lineup have plagued the team all season long.

Westbrook’s troublesome fit coupled with key injuries to players such as Anthony Davis have caused the Lakers to drop 16 of their last 23 games. Right now, the Lakers aren’t even a lock to reach the postseason.

The team’s struggles help offer a reason for why L.A.’s coaching staff was eager to move on from Westbrook at the deadline.

Bringing in Wall was a frequently discussed option, but doing so would have brought along other major concerns. There’s no telling whether or not Wall would have been a better piece for L.A. than Westbrook this season.

Wall, who has had major injury problems in recent years, is 31 years old and has an unattractive contract.

The Lakers had a tough time making progress at the deadline due to a lack of assets. The team mortgaged a good deal of its future to acquire some of its stars.

It’s rumored that the Lakers may revisit a Westbrook deal after the season, though whether they’re successful the second time around remains a question mark.

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