Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Inquired About Producing ‘The Last Dance’

Jonathan Sherman
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Following his storied NBA career, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant looked to expand his focus beyond the court.

In fact, according to a recent report, Bryant was interested in producing the new hit documentary series “The Last Dance,” which focuses on the late star’s close friend and mentor Michael Jordan.

“When he learned that Jordan had the rights to footage shot of his final season, Bryant commissioned a camera crew to film his final seasons,” Ramona Shelburne of ESPN reported. “Bryant even inquired about producing the documentary on Jordan’s final season.”

Bryant was a key focus in the fifth episode of the new documentary series, which aired on Sunday evening. The episode was solemnly dedicated to his memory.

Prior to his death, Bryant was already showing an affinity and talent within film and television. In fact, the five-time champ won an Academy Award for his 2018 animated short film “Dear Basketball.”

One of the greatest tragedies surrounding Bryant’s death was that it was clear just how much more he had left to accomplish.

While he did not get the chance to produce and mold “The Last Dance,” there were surely many more projects that he would have taken on had he not passed away back in January.

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