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Lakers News: Episode 5 of ‘The Last Dance’ Will Be Dedicated to Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

The next installment of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” should be of special interest to Kobe Bryant fans.

That’s because episode five will be dedicated to the late legend.

“The Last Dance” is a 10-part documentary series that offers an inside look into the Chicago Bulls’ historic 1997-98 campaign. Bryant’s interview is expected to be one of the highlights of the upcoming episode.

Michael Jordan left an indelible mark on Bryant, and the Los Angeles Lakers legend patterned his style of play after Jordan’s game.

Bryant was just a second-year NBA player during the 1997-98 season, but he quickly rose to stardom and was a starter in the All-Star Game that year. He faced off against Jordan, and nearly outplayed his veteran counterpart in the star-studded affair.

Surely, that and more will be covered in the upcoming episode.

According to one report, Bryant finished one of his scenes for the documentary just one week before his untimely death on Jan. 26.

On Feb. 24, Jordan attended Bryant’s memorial where he tearfully shared stories of their early encounters and the growth of their friendship.