Report: Frank Vogel’s contract extension situation with Lakers is getting ‘increasingly pessimistic’

Jason Simpson
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According to a recent report, there is growing pessimism surrounding Frank Vogel’s contract situation with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“An extension was widely considered an inevitability in league coaching circles once Vogel joined a list of nine active coaches with a ring on his résumé,” wrote Marc Stein in a recent post published to his Substack. “Perhaps that extension is still coming, but there have been some increasingly pessimistic rumbles in circulation about Vogel’s prospects for a new deal or anything longer than a one-year extension.”

Vogel has done a great job as the organization’s head coach throughout his short tenure, and the consensus is that he is worthy of a major extension. However, this report makes it sound like nothing is set in stone.

Vogel has a 94-49 record as the Lakers’ head coach. He led the team to an NBA title in the 2019-20 season, and he has done a great job of maintaining a good locker room atmosphere with a team that features some big personalities.

If the Lakers end up winning another NBA title in the 2021-22 season, the organization might have no choice but to meet Vogel’s demands for a big extension. Whenever a coach leads a team to multiple championships, retaining him has to be a top priority for the franchise.

The Lakers look like they are more than capable of winning the title next year. With both a stacked roster and great coaching staff, there are very few things standing between Los Angeles and another championship.

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