Report: Dennis Schroder won’t join Germany in Olympic Qualifiers due to insurance coverage issue

Brad Sullivan
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A new report indicates that insurance concerns will prevent Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder from competing for Germany during the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament that gets underway next week.

The decision not to include Schroder was announced by the German Federation and was made because of “enormous insurance requirements that can’t be met” in connection with Schroder’s status as a free agent.

Specifically, the hefty insurance fee was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Schroder expressing his disappointment at not being able to compete.

“It’s to my regret that the team will have to do without me in Split and I can’t support them,” Schroder said. “I’m convinced that the guys will still make the Olympics and I’m already looking forward to the EuroBasket 2022 in Germany.”

Last month, Schroder claimed that he and LeBron James were the only Lakers that had not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Whether that news played any part in the insurance situation is unknown, with Schroder now focusing on whether or not he’ll sign a new contract with the Lakers or move on to play for another team.

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