Nick Young says Lakers need to blow up roster this offseason, predicts they’ll lose to Suns

Brad Sullivan
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Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young has little confidence that his former team can defeat the Phoenix Suns in their playoff series and is suggesting that the Lakers shake up their roster during the offseason.

Young was a member of the Lakers from 2013 to 2017, a period in which the team was actively rebuilding in the midst of a steep decline.

Exactly what Young means when he says the Lakers need to blow up their roster is uncertain. The Lakers already have two superstars on their roster in the form of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In addition, the Lakers front office presumably has a better grasp of the salary cap concerns that affect the makeup of the roster.

Also, Young hasn’t played in the NBA since 2018, so it seems doubtful that the Lakers are taking his advice under consideration.

Right now, the focus is on this season, a year in which the Lakers have dealt injuries and may be without the services of Davis for Tuesday night’s matchup with the Suns.

A loss on Tuesday night would put the Lakers in the position of having to win their next two games in order to advance to the Western Conference semifinals.

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