Lakers Release Statement on ‘Racism, Bigotry, Violence and Prejudice’ Ravaging Nation

Justin Benjamin
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With protests and riots breaking out all over the country due to the death of George Floyd, the Los Angeles Lakers released a pointed statement on Saturday night.

Before the franchise officially commented on the matter, several Lakers players took to social media to leverage and lift their voices.

As a matter of fact, four-time MVP LeBron James sent a strong political message following the death of Floyd a few days ago.

According to police, Floyd had a medical incident during an attempted arrest on Monday.

However, video of the exchange clearly depicts a police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. In the heartbreaking clip, the helpless man can be heard crying out that he can’t breathe. Yet, despite his pleas, the officer refuses to loosen his grip.

Moments later, the 46-year-old loses consciousness.

Although the officer who pinned Floyd down is facing multiple chargers now, thousands of people around the country are not satisfied yet.

All throughout major cities in the Unites States, protestors are marching and rallying together. There is a strong desire to see the nation wake up and acknowledge the injustice that is occurring.

The Lakers are one of the few sports franchises choosing to stand up and speak out.

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