LeBron James’ Blunt Reaction to Donald Trump Pledging Not to Watch NBA Games This Season

Brad Sullivan
1 Min Read

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James offered a dismissive response when asked about President Donald Trump’s pledge not to watch any NBA games during the resumed 2019-20 season.

Trump’s pledge came in the wake NBA players kneeling during the national anthem. This has been in response to police brutality and systemic racism over the past few months.

This is far from the first instance in which James has leveled criticism at Trump during his presidency.

During James’ time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he attacked Trump soon after he became president in 2017, specifically criticizing Trump’s travel ban and other controversies that developed.

Just last month, James endorsed the presumed Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, who will be running against Trump in November. Given the enmity James has for Trump, the move didn’t come as a surprise.

Considering Trump’s thin skin, he’s likely to respond to James’ insult with one of his own in the days ahead, though it’s highly unlikely that James will bother to respond.

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