LeBron James roars back at Georgia’s attempt to limit absentee voting

Brad Sullivan
1 Min Read

LeBron James took to social media to express his anger about a bill currently in the Georgia state legislature that would likely increase the chances of voter suppression taking place in future elections.

The controversial bill would require all voters to make two copies of their identification before they’d be able to vote, something that’s seen as a way to disenfranchise African-American voters.

James helped create the “More Than a Vote” organization, which was created to make it easier for African-Americans to vote and to try to eliminate the continuing problem of voter suppression.

In last November’s presidential election, President Joe Biden defeated then-President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia. In the aftermath of that defeat, Trump and his supporters claimed that illegally cast ballots had helped Biden win in Georgia and other states.

James’ comments aren’t the first time that he’s directed his ire at the voting process in Georgia, having earlier remarked on the lengthy delays for African-Americans there to cast their ballots in a primary election.

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