LeBron James promotes Bubba Wallace’s strong opinion regarding verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Orel Dizon
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Race car driver Bubba Wallace recently spoke out on social media, calling out the United States justice system following the verdict in the highly publicized Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James supported Wallace’s statement through an Instagram story.

LeBron James and Bubba Wallace

Wallace’s tweet was also included in a compilation of statements of some notable athletes posted on Instagram by Uninterrupted, a media company cofounded by James.


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Many people in the NBA and most of the sports world watched the Rittenhouse trial with high interest.

Rittenhouse had been facing several charges after shooting three men, killing two and wounding the other, during the social unrest in Kenosha, Wis. in August of last year. The teenager was recently acquitted on all counts.

James was among those who apparently tuned in to the trial. He even poked fun at Rittenhouse, saying that the 18-year-old was faking his tears while on the witness stand. Rittenhouse’s spokesperson blasted James afterwards, saying that he should focus on the Lakers instead.

The NBA icon is known for using his platform to speak up on a number of political and social issues. This has even led to backlash from several personalities who do not share his views.

James is currently playing in his 19th year in the league. He is looking to help the Lakers win the championship this season, which would give him his fifth title and the franchise its 18th.

However, L.A. is currently struggling after 17 games. It has won just eight games and ranks ninth in the Western Conference. The good news is that the Lakers still have plenty of time to turn things around.

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Orel is excited about the prospect of “Showtime Lakers” making a comeback, thanks to the presence of the King and the arrival of the Brow.