LeBron James goes wild after Bronny throws down nasty poster during exhibition game

Jonathan Sherman
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has always been a major supporter of his two sons and their own basketball journeys.

James’ older son Bronny is further along in his basketball journey at 17 years old and gaining interest from many college programs across the country.

Perhaps more importantly, the younger James has recently been showing some incredible abilities on the court. Most recently, he completed a savage poster dunk in an exhibition game.

Unsurprisingly, his famous father quickly took to social media to celebrate the play.

Though the younger James has not grown to be a similar height and strength to that of his father, he has managed to show an impressive level of physical ability.

Right now, the younger James is believed to be 6-foot-3. A player of that size being able to complete that kind of dunk shows elite leaping ability.

Moreover, the younger James displayed high levels of quickness and speed in the play. In other instances, he has impressed with his basketball IQ as well as his shooting and playmaking abilities.

At the moment, it is unclear if the teenage baller has what it takes to make it all the way to the NBA. A lot more about his future prospects will surely be revealed in the upcoming high school basketball season.

The youngster plays at Sierra Canyon School, and he will get to face off against some of the country’s top prospects in the season.

If he can hold his own against those types of players, discussions about him one day playing in the NBA might start getting more serious.

As many Lakers fans already know, the elder James has made it clear that he hopes to play alongside his son in the NBA before calling it quits on his legendary career.

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