LeBron James’ former teammate slams notion that Russell Westbrook should come off bench for Lakers

Jason Simpson
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Former NBA head coach Jim Boylen recently said he believes that the Los Angeles Lakers should shift Russell Westbrook to their second unit.

Damon Jones, who once suited up alongside LeBron James, took to Twitter on Thursday to express his disagreement with Boylen’s take.

The idea of shifting Westbrook to the second unit is an interesting one.

The nine-time All-Star is arguably at his best when he has a very high usage, but when he’s playing alongside James and Anthony Davis, he’s relegated to a smaller role.

However, if Westbrook were to come off the bench, he’d be able to carry a much bigger load, allowing him to get back to his usual playing style.

Still, it remains a controversial idea for obvious reasons. Westbrook is a superstar player, and the Lakers sacrificed a lot to acquire him.

It remains to be seen if L.A. will actually entertain the possibility of pulling Westbrook from the starting lineup. If the Lakers’ struggles continue, they might have to shake things up one way or another.

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